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Monarch – Press



Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman, Zara Downs

Release Date:

Nov 2015



$45 USD

resonym game: Monarch (game page cover)


MONARCH is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players, set in the mythical lands of Minervia. Players compete as sisters who must strategically assemble an impressive court and prove themselves ready to become the next Monarch.

Decide when to tax or harvest the fertile lands. Attract wise advisors, magnificent beasts, and majestic regalia to glorify your court. Sabotage your sisters’ efforts by sending ‘Unwanted Guests’ to unsettle their courts.

In the world of MONARCH, strategy and surprise await players at every turn. Players must use inventive planning and keen judgment to navigate a world of beauty and mystery, and to discover their destinies … who will reign?


  • 2-4 player game
  • easy to learn
  • family-friendly strategy
  • beautiful scratchboard art by Kate Adams
  • 45 minutes to play


How to play Monarch

TableTop: Wil Wheaton plays MONARCH with Ashley Clements, Brea Grant, and Satine Phoenix!
(season 4, episode 3)

Monarch on BoardGameGeek (Gen Con 2015), where it got #2 on the GenCon GeekBuzz


PHOTO of Monarch Game Box (front)

PHOTO - Game components of Monarch tabletop game

PHOTO - Monarch game cards and board

Monarch Tabletop Game LOGO

Awards & Recognition

  • “Featured game” – Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop – Season 4 2017
  • “Official Selection” – Indie MEGABOOTH – PAX East Showcase 2016
  • “Finalist” – IndieCade 2015
  • “#2 Geekbuzz” – GenCon 2015
  • “Official Selection” – Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston FIG) – Tabletop 2014

Selected Articles

Hoffman, Mackenzie. Review of Monarch. The Meeple Street. 11 September 2018.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg podcast (at 1:08:55). 09 July 2018.

Quick Cardboard Review have an excellent quickstart guide for playing MONARCH. 27 November 2017.

Dell’Antonia, KJ. 8 Gifts for Family Game Night. The New York Times. 21 December 2015.

Vox Republica 098: BFIG, The Big Friendly Indie Giant (starts at 14:10). The Cardboard Republic. 17 September 2015.

Monarch game page
Indie MEGABOOTH entry

About Resonym

We make exceptional games that players love.

Resonym is a playful woman-led media company in New Hampshire bringing new voices to tabletop gaming and beyond. Our games are a gateway to nifty new types of play. From award-winning party games like Buffalo: The Name Dropping Game and Awkward Moment, to our strategy games Monarch and VISITOR in Blackwood Grove, we make family friendly fun games that inspire the imagination.


Resonym develops board games, card games, sports, urban games, and digital games, plus printed matter and ephemera. Many of the games we publish have been researched at Tiltfactor, the interdisciplinary innovation studio dedicated to designing & studying games that help us learn, founded by prolific game designer Dr. Mary Flanagan.

More Information

More information on Resonym, our logo & relevant media are available here.


A Game by Mary Flanagan
Art by Kate Adams

Game Design: Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman, Zara Downs
Art Direction: Sarah Ettinger, Zara Downs
Illustration: Kate Adams
Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
Research: Geoff Kaufman, Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman
Art: Kate Adams, Ed Flanagan, Sarah Ettinger, Zara Downs
Art Direction: Mary Flanagan, Sarah Ettinger

Playtesting: Thanks to myriad friends, relatives, and strangers, NYC-Playtest group, Boston Festival of Independent Games attendees, Meaningful Play, IndieCade, and Gen Con attendees

Special Thanks To: Naomi Clark, Angela Zhang, Farooq Ahmed, The Brown Foundation and Dora Maar House, Richard Garriott and Starr Long, Ryan LaFlamme, The Cardboard Republic, Cyrus Kirby, Fathergeek, Vincent Paone, Dad’s Gaming Addiction, Robert Kalajian Jr., Purple Pawn, Richard Garriott de Cayeux as the Useless Emissary, Christopher Egert as the Boorish Uncle, David McDonald as the Drunk Juggler, Jonathan Skinner as the Insistent Peddler

Game Production Team: Sukie Punjasthitkul, Danielle Taylor, Jenny Yeoh-Wang, Lucas Sanford-Long, Jinny Seo, Savannah Liu, Alannah Linkhorn, Emma Marsano

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Jenny Yeoh-Wang for her efforts during our Kickstarter campaign, to Jinny Seo for her work on the instructions, and to our many local playtesters!