Draw a question card, like “Condoms: because ________ isn’t for everyone.” Then, all other players submit their funniest answer card and——you know what? We’re going to assume you’ve seen a game like this before. You probably know how to play… it’s just friggin’ Mad Libs, but as a card game with adult humor. Our jokes are funny, so you should play it.

Clowns Applaud Insanity* is a 20 minute game that plays best when combined with any other raunchy black and white card game you own. (2-8 players ages 18 and up)

The game features:

  • 62 Black fill-in-the-blank or question cards
  • 176 White answer cards
  • 2 Instruction cards

*Formerly known as Cops Arrest Manatees, but someone stole our dumb name so we had to choose another.

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  • Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
  • Art: Spring Yu
  • Research: Gili Freedman
  • Additional Research: Bineshii Hermes-Roach, Caitlynn Lee
  • Writing: Max Seidman, Mary Flanagan, Spring Yu, Gili Freedman, Bineshii Hermes-Roach, Caitlynn Lee, Sara Holston, Rachel Billings
  • Prototyping: Sara Holston
  • Playtesting: Sara Holston

Made in collaboration with Dr. Ross Virginia.

Warning: In compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) we are notifying you that some of the products we sell may contain small parts or parts that may break off potentially causing a choking hazard to small children. Please supervise small children to ensure their safety.