Dear human employee, please play the base game at least once before adding in the expansions!


In Mechanica: Inventions and Overlords, there are three new component types to enjoy and improve your profit-margins with:

  • Inventions: 10 powerful and specialized improvements
  • Overlords: 12 different bosses to please at Mechanica – each with different bonuses to give
  • 50 Money-coins: for those of you who are looking to be overachievers


Coming soon!




Game Design: Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman
Writing and Additional Game Design: Emma Hobday
Illustration: Ann-Sophie De Steur
Graphic Design: Cisco Garrido & Mariana Sosa
Concept Art: Spring Yu
3D Models: Patrick Fahy & Firescale
Logistics and Production: Danielle Taylor, Sukie Punjasthitkul
Community Management: Rachel Billings
QA and Balancing: Patrick Matlin Redondo
Animation: Charlie Laud
Special Thanks: Angela Zhang, Gareth Solbeck, Joe Macisco, Bryan Vance, Wanfang Wu, Luke Crane and the Kickstarter games team, Meredith Frost, Verena Frost, Elinor Dooley, Lindsay Kusnarowis, Conor Banta, Brenna Peterson, Sophie Billings, Rijul Garg, Catalina Garcia, Shannon Hart, Adam Weaver,Tucker Box and our Kickstarter backers

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