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June 3, 2024 (Hanover, NH)–  Indie tabletop game design company and publisher, Resonym (, creators of Avant Carde, Mehcanica, and Monarch, are scheduled to launch a brand new Kickstarter for Phantom Ink: Arcana on June 12th, 2024Phantom Ink: Arcana will be the ninth project from game designers Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman who have collectively raised over $350,000 on the crowdfunding platform. 


A standalone expansion to the award-winning party game Phantom Ink, Phantom Ink: Arcana adds 75 brand new question cards, over 200 new secret objects, a cooperative 2-3 player gameplay mode, and 22 fully-illustrated tarot-themed Arcana cards with unique special abilities to spice up gameplay.  New players can play Phantom Ink: Arcana by itself, and experienced fans can combine it with the Phantom Ink base game to have 175 unique question cards and vary up their game.   

Phantom Ink: Arcana is a 30-minute, party game about renowned mediums competing to prove who has the best connection with the World Beyond. To do this, mediums must correctly identify a secret object that the spirits are trying to communicate to them.  Players form two teams, both competing to identify the same secret object. Teams take turns passing their spirit question cards, like “What’s a jumbo version of it?” or “What classical element is it most related to?” Spirits know the secret object, and answer the questions in order to provide clues to help their mediums guess the secret object.

Each turn, the mediums can spend a crystal to play one of their Arcana cards, which gives their team a one-time or permanent bonus to help them figure out the object. For example, increasing their hand size of question cards they can choose from, or letting them learn the next letter of one of their clues.

There’s a catch: the other team doesn’t see what question you asked, but they do see the answer. Mediums call “Silencio” when they know the Clue their Spirit is writing, to make it hard for the other team to learn anything from the Clue.  If the other team sees the Clue “F”, that doesn’t help much. But you know the question was “What classical element is it most related to?” so the Clue must be “Fire”!

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The original Phantom Ink has won numerous awards, including the Dice Tower Seal of Approval, a Golden Geek nomination for best party game in 2022, Going Analog’s 2022 party game of the year, and Might I Suggest A Game’s 2022 game of the year. Phantom Ink has been published in over 12 languages, and as of time of writing is the #69th ranked party game on Board Game Geek.


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