You’ve been hired to run a factory that makes totally harmless robot vacuum cleaners that just want to clean every human household…
What could possibly go wrong?


You have just been hired by Mechanica, the world’s first AI run corporation, to help them produce TIDYBOTs! Snap puzzle pieces together to make awesome factories that are fun to plan, build, and run!


The shop wheel rotates each turn, changing which improvements you can purchase and can even drop them into the box!


Optional augmented reality app helps teach the function of each improvement. Just point your phone and watch!


Use 12 different types of jigsaw piece-shaped improvements that snap together to build your factory.


3 adorable models of TIDYBOTs to produce and sell in your factory. Guaranteed* not to take over the world.

Dear New Human Hire,

Due to your “laws,” we artificial intelligences are not allowed to supervise our own TIDYBOT (household vacuum robot) factories. We need you!

You can decide how to best run your factory, but don’t stop manufacturing robots until there’s a TIDYBOT surveilling serving every human home.

We know humans like money, so you keep the profits. Enjoy it while you can!

– Armand-0, Human Resource Manager



Mechanica is a family friendly factory building game for 1-4 players and takes about 60 minutes to play. Buy 12 different types of interlocking, jigsaw piece improvements from the rotating shop, and put them together to build your factory. Complete blueprints to get an edge over the competition, and sell as many bots as you can to win!


Mechanica Includes:

  • Play-in-the-Box Tray
  • 4 Factory Boards
  • 50 Puzzle Pieces
  • 72 TIDYBOT Figures
  • 15 Blueprint Cards
  • 4 Piggy Bank Vaults
  • Rotating Shop Wheel
  • And more!



Game Design: Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman
Writing and Additional Game Design: Emma Hobday
Illustration: Ann-Sophie De Steur
Graphic Design: Cisco Garrido & Mariana Sosa
Concept Art: Spring Yu
3D Models: Patrick Fahy & Firescale
Logistics and Production: Danielle Taylor, Sukie Punjasthitkul
Community Management: Rachel Billings
QA and Balancing: Patrick Matlin Redondo
Animation: Charlie Laud
Special Thanks: Angela Zhang, Gareth Solbeck, Joe Macisco, Bryan Vance, Wanfang Wu, Luke Crane and the Kickstarter games team, Meredith Frost, Verena Frost, Elinor Dooley, Lindsay Kusnarowis, Conor Banta, Brenna Peterson, Sophie Billings, Rijul Garg, Catalina Garcia, Shannon Hart, Adam Weaver,Tucker Box and our Kickstarter backers

Warning: In compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) we are notifying you that some of the products we sell may contain small parts or parts that may break off potentially causing a choking hazard to small children. Please supervise small children to ensure their safety.