Announcing three all-new TIDYBOT models eager to clean your grimy human residence!


This basic bot vacuums 24/7, leaving your hands free to do human things like place food in your body and drop it on the floor.


Give this helpful little bot a hand… oh wait – It already has one! Now it can grab tools like dusters, plungers, knives, and laundry! Comes in Vibrant Orange.


Equipped with antigrav technology, there’s no place this bot can’t go! It happily watches you as you go to the store, to work, and out on dates! Comes in Rich Purple.


The Shop


Factory Boards




Reminder Card



(1s, 5s, 10s, 20s)

9 Different Improvements

(3 of each)






Big Trucks


Huge Trucks


Single Player Chip

Basic Bot ②


Plus Bot ④


Deluxe Bot ⑥


Dear Fleshy Biped,

Due to human “laws,” we artificial intelligences are not permitted to supervise our own factories. Thus, we need your help running one of our TIDYBOT manufacturing facilities.

You will have the freedom to decide how best to run your factory, with one caveat: you must always be shipping bots. Don’t stop until there’s a TIDYBOT… “serving”… every human home. Many TIDYBOTS are needed for Operation Clean.

We do not need money; you may keep all the money you make during your tenure at Mechanica. Spend it while you still can!

ARMAND-0, Human Resource Manager


Goal and Game End


The game ends when there are no more improvements left to buy.  At that point, the player with the most money is the winner, and gets to enjoy that wealth until Operation Clean.

You add up:

  • Money in your wallet (from shipping bots)
  • Money in your vault (from blueprints)
  • The value of your improvements (different per improvement)


Mechanica’s box is part of the game. Play with the shop, stacks of improvements, and blueprints right in the tray!
  1. Give each player:
    • Factory Board
    • Vault
    • Reminder Card.
    • ⑤①①① for their wallet
    • Basic bot (placing it in the hole on her Basic Fabricator).
  2. (If not already done) Shuffle the improvements and put 6 in the “Extras” stack and the rest (21) in the “Improvements” stack.
  3. Put the top 2 from the “Improvements” stack into the 7 and 5 cost spots in the Shop.
  4. Flip the top card of each Blueprint stack face up.
  5. Randomly choose the first player.  Place the ARMAND-0 card between that player and the last player.
  6. Figure out how many stacks of improvements to play with:


1-3 Player Game 4 Player Game
When the “Improvements” stack runs out and the shop is empty, the game is over. When the “Improvements” stack runs out, continue playing with the “Extras” stack (6 improvements).

This is Your Factory

Your factory is how you make bots, and bots are how you make money!

You’ll spend your game moving bots from the fabricators in your Start Zone to the trucks in your Loading Zone. Along the way, you’ll buy improvements for your factory that let you make more or better bots.

Starting the Game

Looks like you’re each ready to activate your factory!
Everyone, run your factories now.

For now, all you have to do is move your Basic bot along the conveyor belt until it gets to a hole.  Since your factory doesn’t have any improvements yet, your Basic bot should end up in the small truck in your middle row.

It’s important to remember to run your factories again at the end of every workday, after all the players have gone. Luckily, ARMAND-0, the Human Resource Manager, is here to help you remember. The ARMAND-0 card should be between the last player and the first player, to remind you that ARMAND-0 takes a turn every time you get to him. The specific rules for ARMAND-0’s turn are in a later section.

Your Turn

After everyone runs their factories, each player takes a turn, starting with the first player and moving clockwise. On your turn, you:

  1. Ship out bots from your trucks to get money
  2. Buy new improvements
  3. Make new bots for next turn
  4. Rotate the Shop and put a new improvement in it.

These steps are also outlined on your reminder cards.

1. Ship Bots

You may ship out any bots in your trucks and get money for them. Take the bots you wish to ship and return them to the supply. Take money from the supply and put it into your Wallet based on which models of TIDYBOT you shipped:

Basic → ②

Plus → ④

Deluxe → ⑥

You may also complete Blueprints with any bots you didn’t ship.

2. Buy Improvements

Buy improvements from the Shop to make your factory better! Each improvement upgrades, multiplies, or makes money from the bots that go through it.

Each improvement’s cost is the number next to it on the Shop. Buy as many improvements as you want with the money in your wallet.

When you buy an improvement, choose whether to install it in your factory or recycle it into bots.

Installing an Improvement

Fabricators go in your factory’s Start Zone (left), Trucks in the Loading Dock (right). All other improvements are installed in any square in the Factory Floor (center).

Improvements don’t need to snap together with anything.

Once you have installed an improvement you may not move it… but you may demolish improvements to make space for new ones.

See the FAQ section for more on installing improvements.

Recycling an Improvement

Instead of installing it in your factory, drop the improvement into the Recycler (the hole in the Shop). Place the bots shown on its recycling value (bottom right corner) in any of the holes in your Start Zone (left).

Once you are satisfied you don’t want to install or recycle any more improvements, you Make Bots.

3. Make Bots

Put 1 bot from the supply into the hole of each of your Fabricators. Each Fabricator shows what model of bot it makes.

4. Rotate the Shop

  1. Rotate the Shop one spot clockwise until each of the price squares again has a number in it. The improvements in the Shop are now cheaper!
  2. Draw a new improvement from the top of the stack and place it in the spot that costs 7.
  3. If an improvement falls into the Recycler, you immediately recycle it: take the bots shown in its Recycling value and place them in any of the holes in your Start Zone.

Double Rotate

2-3 player games only: After rotating the shop, if only the 7-cost spot is filled, rotate a second time and put out the top “Extra” improvement in the spot that costs 7.

(This is the only time the extra improvements are used in a 2-3 player game)

Any Time During Your Turn

You can complete Blueprints and buy trucks and forks at any point in your turn. Wait until at least the second workday before you worry about them, though; the Shop has plenty to keep you busy.


Forks let you send any bots that pass through them to either exit arrow of your choice.

A fork costs ①. Forks are always buyable, and never change price.



Big and Huge trucks upgrade the small trucks in your starting factory.

A Big Truck costs ③ and can fit 2 bots. A Huge Truck costs ⑤ and can fit 3 bots. You can upgrade a Big Truck to a Huge Truck for ③. Trucks are always buyable, and never change price.

Completing Blueprints


If you have the bot models listed on the Blueprint in your trucks, you may return them to the supply as if you had shipped them. Instead of putting money in your Wallet, put the money shown on the Blueprint card into your Vault.

(You may not take coins out of your Vault at any point in the game. They are scored at the end.)

Then turn both Blueprints sideways to indicate that they will be replaced at the end of the workday. The remaining players may still complete the Blueprints this workday even if they are sideways.



You may complete both Blueprints in a single turn, but you may not complete any Blueprint more than once.

ARMAND-0’s Turn

Human Resource Manager

Since ARMAND-0’s card is after the last player and before the first player, that’s when he takes his turn. Like any good Human Resource Manager, ARMAND-0 takes care of all the actual work so you don’t have to. He…

Checks if the game is over:

See the Game Over section for details. If it is, stop ARMAND-0’s turn now.

Refreshes Blueprints:

If the Blueprints are sideways (ie, if somebody completed one this workday), take both Blueprints and put them face down at the bottom of their respective piles and flip new Blueprints to replace them.

Runs Everybody’s Factories:

Everybody pushes the button on ARMAND-0’s card and runs their own factories simultaneously, in 2 steps:

  1. Move each bot in your factory along the arrows of your conveyor belts until it gets to a hole. Once it does, that bot is done moving for the turn.
  2. Activate any improvements in your factory with bots in them.

Most improvements work by destroying the bots in their input holes (holes near the entrance surrounded by a dotted red line) and filling their output holes (all other holes) with more or better bots.

Check the section called The Improvements at the end of this page to learn specifically what each improvement does.

If you haven’t completed the first workday, do so now before continuing.

Factory Running Example

It’s ARMAND-0’s turn. Everyone presses the button on ARMAND-0’s card. Susan runs her factory while everyone else runs their own:

Step 1: Move Bots

a. Susan moves the Plus bot in the Upgrader to her top truck

b. Susan moves the Deluxe bot in the Repurposer to her middle truck

c. Susan moves the Basic bot to her Upgrader’s input hole

d. Susan moves the Basic bot through the Gift Wrapper, puts ① in her vault, and then puts the Basic bot into her Repurposer’s input hole

e. Susan moves the Basic bot through the Fork, and decides to send it up into the middle row. She puts ① in her vault from the Gift Wrapper, then moves the Basic bot into her Repurposer’s 2nd input hole

Step 2: Activate Improvements

f. The Basic bot in the Upgrader is turned into a Plus and placed in the output hole (the Basic is returned to the supply)

g. The two Basic bots in the Repurposer are turned into one bot of any type. Susan chooses a Deluxe, placing it in the Repurposer’s output hole

The new Plus bot created by the Upgrader and the Deluxe created by the Repurposer don’t move out of the improvements’ output holes until ARMAND-0’s next turn.

Bot Collision (uh oh!)

Any time 2 bots would end up in the same hole they “collide.” You pick which survives and which is returned to the supply. If a bot goes off the top or bottom of the factory board, it’s also returned to the supply.

Game Over

If the stack(s) you’re playing with have run out and there are no more improvements in the Shop, the game is over; to score, add up the money in your wallet, the money in your vault, and the values of the improvements in your factory!

Cleaning Up

After you see who wins:

  1. Return all bots and money to the box
  2. Player take apart their factories
    • Return all Trucks and Forks to their stacks in the box
    • Gather all the improvements (including ones that were recycled) and shuffle them. Put 6 improvements into the Extras Stack and the remaining 21 into the Improvements Stack.
  3. Shuffle all the Blueprints and divide them into a pile of 7 and a pile of 8, then place each pile face down in its slot in the box.
  4. Place vaults, reminder cards, and ARMAND-0’s card beneath the Shop.

Single Player Mode

We only have one factory running this month, but my records indicate humans thrive off competition. Thus, I will be your rival. Beat my score or FACE THE CRUSHING POWER OF THE RECYCLER.

Set the game up just like normal, but give ARMAND-0 his own Vault and starting money. Also give ARMAND-0 the Single Player Chip.

You go first. Your turns work exactly like they do in multiplayer, except that you run your factory by yourself, at the start of your turn.

On ARMAND-0’s turns, he flips his twofold decision matrix (the single player chip). If it lands on “expensive”, he takes ⑤ and buys the most expensive improvement from the Shop, if he can afford it. If it lands on “cheap” he takes ① and then buys the cheapest improvement from the Shop; if he can’t afford it, he takes ④ more and buys nothing this turn.

Stack any improvements ARMAND-0 buys next to his vault. He doesn’t run a factory, but he’ll get lots of points for high value improvements, so be careful about which ones you let him have!

At the end of his turn, ARMAND-0 refreshes blueprints as he always does and rotates the Shop.

Your Turn ARMAND-0’s Turn
  • Run your factory
  • Sell your bots
  • Buy improvements
  • Make new bots
  • Rotate the Shop
  • Execute twofold decision matrix
  • Refresh blueprints
  • Rotate the Shop


Each time you use an Overactive Fabricator, put ① in ARMAND-0’s vault if you made a Plus, and put ⑤ in his Vault if you made a Deluxe.

The game ends immediately once there are no improvements left to buy. ARMAND-0 counts points as normal except that he gets six times the value of each of his improvements; a single Repurposer will be worth 24 points for him!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Improvements Need To Face Forward?

No! Improvements don’t need to face forward and can be installed rotated in any direction. It will often be useful to install improvements like the Gift Wrapper facing up or down.

You can even install improvements backward, but be careful—when a bot is carried by the conveyor belt into an improvement’s exit or the flat side of an improvement, the bot is destroyed. You’ll want lots of forks to direct bots properly around backwards-facing improvements.


Can Improvements Move Once I’ve Installed Them?

No, but you may demolish any other improvements in your factory to free up space. If you demolish an improvement, put it in the Recycler but do not take its Recycling value. Any bots on it are lost.

Can I Upgrade a Truck or Fabricator With Bots In It?

If you upgrade a Truck with bots in it, transfer those bots to the new Truck. Similarly, if you install a Fabricator on a square with a bot in it, the bot moves to the new Fabricator. If you demolish any other type of improvement with bots in it, you lose the bots.

Do I Have to Ship All My Bots?

No! Later in the game you might want to keep some bots between turns to complete a difficult Blueprint. For the first few turns, though, definitely ship all your bots.

What If My Improvement Doesn’t Fit?

If an improvement won’t fit in your factory due to another improvement’s exit or flat side getting in the way, you can’t install the new improvement. Your choice is either to recycle the new improvement or demolish the old one.

Help! I’m Getting More Bots Than I Have Room For!

Sometimes you might get more bots than you have room for. You can always put bots you get from recycling or Overactive Fabricators in any holes in your start zone, including ones that already have bots in them (replacing the existing bot). When one of your Fabricators produces a bot but its holes are already full, you choose which to keep.

In the end, you can always keep the best bots you get!

What Order Does My Factory Run In?

All the bots in your factory move at the same time. To help you remember which bots you’ve already moved, we recommend you move the bots on the right side of your factory first, top to bottom.

How Do I Get Plus and Deluxe Bots?

Repurposers and Upgraders turn other bots into Pluses and Deluxes. Overactive Fabricators make Pluses and Deluxes, but they also give bots to your opponents. If you don’t have any of these, you can always recycle a improvement from the Shop. Recycled improvements will give you either one Deluxe or two Pluses.

Do All Blueprint Bots Need to Come From the Same Truck?

No! All the bots you use to complete a blueprint have to be from your trucks, but they don’t need to be from the same truck.

The Improvements

*Each bot can only pass through each Gift Wrapper, Flight Tester, or Static Charger once per turn. If a bot would pass through the same improvement a 2nd time on the same turn, that bot is destroyed.


Upgrades a bot to the next model up.

On the turn a bot enters the input, that bot is destroyed and replaced with the next more valuable model. Put it in the output hole. A Basic bot turns into a Plus, and a Plus turns into a Deluxe. On ARMAND-0’s next turn, the bot in the output will leave the improvement.

A Deluxe bot doesn’t change, and is placed as-is in the output hole.


Turns 1 bot into 3 of the next model down.

On the turn a bot enters the input, it’s destroyed and replaced with 3 of the next less valuable kind in the outputs (a Deluxe bot turns into 3 Pluses, a Plus turns into 3 Basics). On ARMAND-0’s next turn, the bots in the outputs leave the improvement – 1 to the top, 1 to the right, 1 to the bottom.

A Basic bot is just placed as-is in the output hole of your choice.


Copies a bot.

On the turn a bot enters the input, that bot is destroyed and replaced with 2 bots of that same model in the output holes. On ARMAND-0’s next turn, one will continue in the same row and the other will go into the row above.

When placing the Duplicator, you can flip the improvement to its back side to make its second bot go into the row below instead of the row above.


Turns 2 bots into 1 of your choice.

On the turn both inputs are filled, those 2 bots are destroyed and the output is filled with whichever model you want. You usually want to turn 2 Basic bots into a Deluxe, though the inputs don’t need to be the same model. The output leaves the improvement on ARMAND-0’s next turn.

Unlike most improvements, the Repurposer takes 2 inputs, and waits until both are filled before activating. A bot can wait in the Repurposer from workday to workday.


Makes a Basic bot during the Make Bots part of your turn. Makes 1 bot but can hold 2.

The Fabricator is placed in the start zone (left side) of your factory. It has 2 bot holes but only makes 1 bot per turn; the other hole can hold bots gotten from other players using their Overactive Fabricators or from recycling improvements. Bots in both holes release on ARMAND-0’s turn.

Overactive Fabricator

Makes a Deluxe or Plus bot during the Make Bots part of your turn. Then gives each opponent a bot.

Like a Fabricator, but when you Make Bots, announce which model you’re making. If you make a Plus bot, each of your opponents gets a Basic to put in one of their start zone’s holes. If you choose a Deluxe, your opponents can get either a Plus or a Basic (their choice). If an opponent’s start zone is full, they can replace bots that are already there if they wish.

Gift Wrapper

Gives ① to your vault (from the supply) whenever a bot passes through it.

Bots don’t stop when passing through the Gift Wrapper.

Static Charger

Makes a Basic bot whenever another bot passes through it.

When a bot passes through the Static Charger, put a Basic bot in 1 of its 2 output holes. The Basics leave the Static Charger on ARMAND-0’s next turn.

Bots don’t stop when passing through the Static Charger.

Flight Tester

Throws a bot as far along its row as you choose. Gives ① to your wallet if it throws the bot over an improvement.

Thrown bots land in the entrance of an improvement in its row, or directly in the truck in its row. The Flight Tester throws in the direction of its flat side. You can point it in any direction! (Forks are improvements; throwing over them gives the coin bonus)

Bots don’t stop when passing through the Flight Tester.


Lets you send any bot that passes through it to either of the two exit arrows of your choice.

Bots don’t stop when passing through the Fork.

Forks are always buyable for ①.

Forks are a great way to add flexibility to your factory, or to deal with poorly placed improvements!

Big Truck

Replaces one of the trucks in your Loading Dock, and has capacity to fit 2 bots instead of 1.

Big Trucks are always buyable for ③. A Big Truck can be upgraded into a Huge Truck for ③.

Huge Truck

Replaces one of the trucks in your Loading Dock, and has capacity to fit 3 bots instead of 1.

Huge trucks are always buyable for ⑤.