Mechanica Kickstarter – Accessible


Dear New Human Hire,

Welcome to Mechanica, the first robot-run company!

Thank you for supervising one of our TIDYBOT—helpful household vacuum robot—manufacturing facilities. Create the most productive factory possible. Make the  best bots and ship them out to the human domiciles. 

You can keep the profits. All that matters is that there’s a TIDYBOT… “serving” as many households as possible.

Human Resource Manager


Mechanica is a unique engine building game where you race your opponents to create the best vacuum robot factory out of interlocking puzzle pieces. The game features:

  •  Dynamic factories that are fun to build and run
  • 12 types of jigsaw piece-shaped tiles that snap together!
  •  Rotating shop board
  •  Instant setup: just open the box and play! The game stays in the tray
  • Exciting 1-player mode
  •  Beautiful illustrations and adorable robots by Ann-Sophie De Steur



“Mechanica combines simple rules, clever logic, and a unique gimmick to provide a lot of fun in a tidy package.”

– Rob Kalajian, A Pawn’s Perspective

“It’s fantastic! The way everything… fits together to make this crazy factory is just so cool!”

– Roll For Crit


What’s in the box?

  • 4 Factory Boards (Locked: 2-Layer Upgrade)
  • 54 Improvement Pieces
  • 72 Tidybot Figures (24 of each color)
  • 15 Blueprint Cards
  • 1 Armand-0 Card
  • 90 Money Tokens
  • 1 Rotating Shop Board
  • 4 Vault Cards (Locked: “Piggy Bank” Upgrade)
  • Play-in-the-box Tray
  • Locked: Mega Improvements Expansion
  • Locked: Overlord Expansion

Mega Improvements and Overlord expansions, if unlocked, will come in the box with the Kickstarter edition of the game. They may be available after the Kickstarter campaign but will be sold separately.

*Not pictured: 4 Reminder Cards, Instruction Book, Single Player Chip. Art and components pictured are prototypes and are subject to change.


How to play

Read the work-in-progress online rulebook here.

Start of the Round

At the start of each round everyone moves TIDYBOTS through their factories. Bots stop in most puzzle piece-shaped improvements, and get upgraded or multiplied!

Your Turn

Then you each take a turn where you do 4 things:

  1. Ship Bots: Ship bots out from your trucks and make money.
  2. Buy Improvements: Buy improvements from the shop and install them in your factory.
  3. Make Bots: Put new bots into your fabricators for next turn.
  4. Rotate the Shop: Finally, rotate the shop wheel, and put out a new improvement. Reap the rewards if an improvement falls into the recycler!


Stretch goals

$50,000 Upgrade: Piggy Bank Vaults

$55,000 Upgrade: 2-Layer Factory Board

$??,??? Expansion: Mega Improvements

$??,??? Expansion: Overlords


Meet the team!

Mary Flanagan:
Game co-designer and the CEO of Resonym
Mary is an award winning game designer, artist and scholar of games and new media. She has been designing games for over 20 years in all forms: board games, card games, digital games, sports, and more, including Resonym’s previous Kickstarter, the critically acclaimed Visitor in Blackwood Grove.
(Link to her website)

Mary started an assembly line in her kitchen for the manufacture and ultimate domination of gluten free pasta.


Max Seidman:
Game co-designer
Max’s past published games include Mad Science Foundation, and Visitor in Blackwood Grove. His training as a mechanical engineer prepared him for designing Mechanica’s shop wheel!

Max invented “human blinders” to allow him to focus on Mechanica when working in busy offices and coffee shops.


Ann-Sophie De Steur:
While making art for Mechanica, Ann-Sophie listened to the entire season of Yuru Camp on Crunchyroll in Japanese… which she does not speak.
(Link to her website)


Cisco Garrido:
Graphic Designer
Cisco listened to an unhealthy amount of Game Grumps compilations while working on graphic design for Mechanica.
(Link to his website)


Rachel Billings:
Community Manager
Rachel dyed her hair 4 varying shades of green during the making of Mechanica.


Spring Yu: Concept Artist Spring ate 20 dumdum lollipops (more are rumored) while making art for Mechanica


Emma Hobday:
Assistant Game Designer
Emma was responsible for 1/4 of all traffic on in the months leading up to Mechanica’s launch.


Sukie Punjasthitkul:
Producer and Videographer
Sukie listened to only Styx’s Mr. Roboto and Radiohead’s OK Computer during Mechanica’s development.


Danielle Taylor:
Logistics Manager
Danielle has developed unique sounds for each Mechanica bot in her mind, so she can hear them coming…



We’re a woman-led game publishing group. We are committed to making artistic, engaging, and socially conscious games, with a special focus on representing women in games—both in the industry, and in the games themselves.
Mechanica is the 6th game we are publishing, and our third Kickstarted game.


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Special thanks to:

Joe Macisco, Bryan Vance, Wanfang Wu, Meredith Frost, Verena Frost, Elinor Dooley, Lindsay Kusnarowis, Conor Banta, Brenna Peterson, Sophie Billings, Rijul Garg, Catalina Garcia, Shannon Allen, Adam Weaver, Norwich Girl Scout Troop #58009, Black Moon Games, Tucker Box, Upper Valley Game Designers,  Richmond Middle School game club, and our friends at Lay Waste Games.

Risks and challenges

We’ve made many table top games at this point, but there are always new things to learn. Mechanica has a bunch of cool parts, so there are always possibilities that some of them are going to be harder to manufacture than we anticipate. We plan to take our time and make sure that the game is made right, rather than rushing it out the door—we’d rather have delays than a shoddy game.