Top Games of 2021 Roundup

As 2021 comes to a close, many game lovers are putting together lists of their favorite games of the year. This year, we’re lucky enough to be on two different lists, and for two different games!

Nerds of the West put out a video of the best games of 2021 where they featured Phantom Ink, which is particularly cool since Phantom Ink’s retail release is regrettably delayed until 2022. The NotW crew did a Twitch stream to put together their top games, and in it they gave Phantom Ink an average score of 8.3 and listed it as their favorite game of the year! This is the first time we’ve been ranked number one by anyone, and it’s a huge honor for us.

Danielle Standring also put out a video detailing her biggest gaming surprises of 2021, where she includes Mechanica at number 4! It’s always so exciting to see someone who hasn’t heard of our games fall in love with them, so this is a cool honor as well.

We hope you enjoyed our games in 2021! There’s more fun to come in 2022!