Resonym and Friends Who Roll Dice team up to raise over $750 for I Need Diverse Games

A couple of weekends ago, Resonym hosted our second ever charity event! This time, it was in support of the amazing charity: I Need Diverse Games. I Need Diverse games is a robust and iconic charity organization dedicated to increasing diversity in the gaming industry, breaking down the barriers of entry for marginalized people, and starting a dialogue about diversity, identity, and intersectionality.

Just some of the things they do include: funding scholarship programs to send people to big networking conventions like GDC who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, publishing articles about diversity in gaming, speaking at conventions about diversity in gaming, and providing grants for marginalized creators to help them break into the gaming industry.

For this event, we were honored to be able to join forces with our good friends from the Friends Who Roll Dice twitch channel to put togther a 7 hours streaming marathon! During the stream, we played some of our favorite tabletp games designed by People of Color. We were even lucky enough to be joined by some of the designers themselves!

This was the full schedule of events for the day along with the links to buy the featured game and the timestamp for when the segement starts in the VOD posted below:

Rap Godz with Omari Akil | | 00:04:30 Resonym VOD
BEEEEES! with Eric Yurko | | 01:34:00 Resonym VOD
Chai with Connie Kazmaier | | 02:11:12 Resonym VOD
Tide Breaker TTRPG with Mitchell Wallace | | 00:13:20 Friends Who Roll Dice VOD
MonsDRAWsity with Eric Slauson | | 0:6:09:00 Resonym VOD

Resonym VOD:

Friends Who Roll Dice VOD: