Rachel on PAX Panel: The ABCs of Community Building

We are honored that our Community Manager, Rachel, was invited to guest on a PAX online panel this year! She was invited by the fellow community and brand manager, Lysa Penrose, to speak on her panel “The ABCs of Community Building.” The other panelists were Tanya Depass of I Need Diverse Games and Rivals of Waterdeep, Latia Jacquise also of Rivals of Waterdeep as well as D&D Adventurers League, and Brenna Noonan of Quillsilver Studio. 

The group discusses the “ABCs” of community management, which Lysa defines as Authenticity, Boundaries, and Communication. The panelists discuss what those various elements mean to them, and how they implement them to create welcoming and safe communities. Rachel is able to talk about her experience managing the Resonym community, why she loves Twitch as a platform for engagement, and how to handle the emotional labor of being a community manager.

You can find the recording of the panel here at the 26 minute mark.