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Release Date:

October 23, 2019



$34.99 USD


Draw a question card, like “Condoms: because ________ isn’t for everyone.” Then, all other players submit their funniest answer card and—you know what? We’re going to assume you’ve seen a game like this before. You probably know how to play… it’s just friggin’ Mad Libs, but as a card game with adult humor. Our jokes our funny, so you should play it.

Clowns Applaud Insanity is a 20 minute game that plays best when combined with any other raunchy black and white card game you own. It comes in two decks that should be played together. (2-8 players ages 18 and up)


  • 2 Decks in 1 hilarious bundle
  • 62 Black fill-in-the-blank or question cards (31 per deck)
  • 176 White answer cards (88 per deck)
  • 2 Instructions cards (let’s face it, you already know how to play)
  • Quick to learn, hard to put down
  • Shown to promote recycling behavior in studies conducted at Tiltfactor


The popular party card game Cards Against Humanity—which hinges on making sexual, racist, and just generally inappropriate jokes—bills itself as “a party game for horrible people.” But does the game actually make players more bigoted, as detractors frequently claim? Research studies conducted at Professor Mary Flanagan’s Tiltfactor game research lab at Dartmouth College suggest the answer is ‘no’. In the studies, Tiltfactor found that making inappropriate jokes in Cards Against Humanity actually makes players feel bad and want to compensate—ending with them acting less prejudiced after playing.

Could this effect be leveraged to change players’ actions in other aspects of their lives as well? Clowns Applaud Insanity was created to let players make fun of how bad climate change is and how doomed we all are. In studies conducted on Clowns Applaud Insanity, Tiltfactor found that people who played the game recycled more after playing! Clowns Applaud Insanity was known as Cops Arrest Manatees during the research process.


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Executive Producer: Mary Flanagan
Art: Spring Yu
Research: Gili Freedman
Additional Research: Bineshii Hermes-Roach, Caitlynn Lee
Writing: Max Seidman, Mary Flanagan, Spring Yu, Gili Freedman, Bineshii Hermes-Roach, Caitlynn Lee, Sara Holston, Rachel Billings
Prototyping: Sara Holston
Playtesting: Sara Holston
Made in collaboration with Dr. Ross Virginia.







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