Mechanica with the Donut Boys

Last week the Donut Boys, hosts of KyleMcCarley’s Board and Barrel show, streamed Mechanica and released a great how-to-play video as well! The how-to-play showcases Mechanica’s Tabletop Simulator mod— which is very helpful for anyone needing to play the game online due to Covid. The Donut Boys are a hilarious group, and we definitely recommend giving their stream a watch if you’re looking for some laughs while you learn how to play Mechanica!*

Watch the stream VOD here.

Watch the how-to-play video here.

*note: there was one rule mix-up during the playthrough— they used forks to connect all of their improvements, while you can do this, it is not necessary. If an improvement has an output that points to another line in your factory, bots can travel between those lines without the use of a fork