Mary talks Digital Leisure and Virtual Spaces

Resonym’s CEO, Mary Flanagan, recently sat down with curator, writer, and researcher José Luis de Vicente, to talk about the effect that virtual spaces have on culture, particularly during the current pandemic. They discuss how video game players are often culturally pressured into feeling guilty for escaping into imaginary worlds– a pressure that does not exist with hobbies such as reading. Has the pandemic-induced isolation given us permission to not feel guilty any more about spending our time on gaming? How are the spaces created by video games and board games different? How is it that Dungeons & Dragons was once blamed for a rise in teen suicide??

Listen to the full interview on the CCCB website to hear Mary’s thoughts on video games, the permission to play, and finding each other through virtual spaces.

Mary also mentions the Resonym Twitch channel– which is our little way to connect with each other virtually! If you would like to be a part of our internet community, follow us here.