Mary and Rachel demo Mechanica on Shut Up and Sit Down

We were thrilled to be selected as a featured publisher for this year’s Shut Up and Sit Down convention, AwSHUX. As a featured publisher, Mary and Rachel got the opportunity to demo our board game Mechanica to Matt Lees on the Shut up and Sit Down twitch channel. The demo began with a short unboxing, then an explanation of the rules, and finally showed what a couple of turns would look like. We were also able to demonstrate the augmented reality compatibility that the game has, as well as a special Shut Up and Sit Down secret that we added to the Tabletop Simulator version!

We were not only honored to be a part of AwSHUX, but we were overjoyed by the wonderful reception the demo received from the Shut Up and Sit Down audience. We love getting people excited about Mechanica!

You can find the recording of the demo here.