Indie Creator Spotlight Stream

This weekend (7/24-7/26/2020) we are hosting the first ever Resonym Indie Creator Spotlight Stream. We are teaming up with other indie game publishers, designers, and streamers to show off their work! Mary, Rachel, and Max will be interviewing them about themselves and their creations, as well as playing quite a few games.

Stop by our Twitch channel โ€” โ€” to watch the streams and be introduced to awesome games and cool creators you may not have seen before! The Indie Creator Spotlight Stream is one way we are gearing up for the all-digital Gen Con Online this year.

Creators on the stream include Lay Waste Games, Gather Round Games, HTTPaladin, Board Game House, Invert180, Friends Who Roll Dice, Game and a Curry, Formal Ferret Games, and Sharang Biswas. Check out the full schedule below: