Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of clues are allowed?

Clues must be one word

  • Father-in-law ❌
  • Lightbulb ✔️

Clues must not be names, and must be in the dictionary

  • Evidence: Painter
  • Monet ❌
  • Lily ✔️

Clues must be entirely different words from the Evidence

  • Evidence: Airport
  • Airplane ❌
  • Aerosol ❌
  • Plane ✔️

Clues must be entirely different words from each other

  • Snowman & Snowball ❌
  • Snowman & Winter ✔️

What order do we Guess Passwords in?

If nobody speaks up about wanting to guess their passwords, start the new round. Whoever speaks up first goes first. After someone has guessed, repeat this process (excluding anyone who has already guessed).

Example: The yellow team isn’t sure about their passwords so they stay silent. Joshua (blue team) announces that he is ready to guess, and guesses his password correctly. His teammate Ainsley isn’t sure about their password, but decides to guess anyway. Ainsley gets it right. Since the blue team is going to win, Alex and Rachel of the yellow team now say that they will guess. They get their passwords right, and both teams win!

How do the Forensics Cards work?

  • Forensic Genotyping: the player who glitched the clues must say the clue they removed from the inside of the clue board (they can peek if they forgot). They do not reveal which clue they replaced it with.
  • Toxicology: the player who glitched the clues must say which clue they added. They do not reveal the original clue they replaced.
  • All orange cards: the guessing player chooses a clue. The player who glitched the clues must say whether or not they added that clue.
  • Hair Analysis: the player who glitched the clues must say one of the clues they did not add.
  • Polygraph: the player who glitched the clues chooses a clue and claims they added that clue, but they may lie. Not terribly useful, just like in real life!

Glitch Squad was created in collaboration between Resonym, LabX at the National Academy of Sciences, and Tiltfactor Laboratory at Dartmouth College.

Game Design: Mary Flanagan & Max Seidman • Game Concept: Rick Thomas • Writing: Resonym and LabX • lllustration: Ann-Sophie De Steur • Graphic Design: Spring Yu and Parla Creative • Additional Design: Rachel Billings • Community Management: Jazz Foster • Logistics: Max Seidman, Danielle Taylor, & Sukdith Punjasthitkul • Videos: Charlie Laud and Michael Sciortino • Voice Over: Danielle Taylor • In-House Playtesting: Rachel Billings, Momoka Schmidt, Joshua Po, & Ainsley Carter • Scientific Advisor: Tom Albright • NAS Team: Mattie Cohan, Ann Merchant, Keri Stoever, Kate Sutter, and Rick Thomas

Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers, and the Resonym Discord members