Ghost Writer in the News

The news of our new board game, Ghost Writer, is starting to spread! This past week the game received coverage from several outlets including Dicebreaker, MojoNation, and The Game Shelf.

Dicebreaker: Alex Meehan, writer for Dicebreraker, published an article titled “Ghost Writer is a haunted party game mixture of Mysterium and Decrypto from Mechanica creators.” Meehan’s article gives a great breakdown of the important information about the game and its Kickstarter. And her comparison to the iconic titles Mysterium and Decrypto is a huge compliment!

MojoNation: Billy Langsworthy, writer for MojoNation, published an article titled “Resonym’s Mary Flanagan on the spiritualist inspirations behind her new word game, Ghost Writer.” As the name suggests, Langsworthy’s piece is an interview with Mary about what inspired her to design Ghost Writer.

The Game Shelf: The board game blog “The Game Shelf” mentioned Ghost Writer in their article titled “The Digital Game Shelf: Still Gaming Online During Covid-19”. Ghost Writer is included as a great game to play long-distance along with other wonderful titles MonsDRAWsity, Draftosaurus, and Solani. While the online version that The Game Shelf used is not availible to the public at the moment, Ghost Writer can still be played long-distance with Zoom and a little bit of creative thinking!