Mary Flanagan Launches Resonym



Mary Flanagan Announces Formation of Resonym LLC
Game inventor and publisher Mary Flanagan announces for Toy Fair 2016 the formation of an exciting new voice in publishing with her new Resonym LLC. Resonym creates and publish card games, board games, digital games, and printed matter.

Resonym aims to tap new voices and perspectives with games that resonate among those new to games as well as longstanding gamers.

Flanagan is a professor who also researches games and their effects.  The existing line of Party Games (Awkward Moment, Awkward Family Moment, and Buffalo: The Name Dropping Game) and the beautiful strategy game Monarch are available now.

“Resonym games are designed for great and approachable gameplay. We invent games that expand the types of experiences we can have,” says Flanagan. “Monarch, for example, invites all players to play as sisters. Games like Buffalo are fun, and they can also impact cognitive biases. It’s time for games to tap new social experiences and perspectives.”

Resonym games will be distributed by PSI (, a game and toy sales and operations company helping manufacturers place their products in the hobby market, specialty toy and game retail channels and mass market. PSI will be the exclusive sales and operations team responsible for their sales, warehousing and shipping to all North American markets and International Hobby. PSI is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Mary Flanagan ( is an avid player and game designer with over 20 years of experience in the design of digital, board, card, and sport games. She teaches game design, write books on games, and leads the Tiltfactor game research laboratory at Dartmouth College.