Awkwardness Goes to Work–at Resonym!

Awkward Moment at Work party card game - logo

For Immediate Release

February 14 2016 (Hanover, NH) – Resonym is proud to begin publishing the awkward party game, Awkward Moment at Work!

We’ve all been there. Embarrassing slips of the tongue, wardrobe malfunctions, secret (and not-so-secret) workplace romances, accidental emails, bathroom mishaps, copy room shenanigans. With Awkward Moment at Work, players are thrown into these awkward situations and more. During gameplay, players take turns assuming the role of the Decider, and each round, the Decider reveals a Moment Card that describes a hysterical, embarrassing, or stressful situation for the group to react to, and a Decider Card that provides a guideline for choosing a winning Reaction. Players submit a Reaction Card from their hand face down, and the Decider reads the submissions and selects the Reaction Card that he/she thinks is the best response to the Moment, given the Decider Card’s rule.

Awkward Moment at Work builds on the success of the original, award-winning Awkward Moment, the 3-8 player party game for kids and teens, substituting the chaos of the classroom for the (more professional) chaos of the workplace. Although the game targets adults, rest assured that it’s as family friendly as its predecessor.

Awkward Moment at Work was developed by the Tiltfactor team at Dartmouth, who offered a sneak preview of Awkward Moment at Work at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City. The game is now to be sold through Uncommon Goods, and through our distributor PSI’s network to stores.